Desired Outcomes of Learners

Through completing our program, our students will enhance their skills and grow to be a(n):

Self-directed Learner – SDL

To create jobs and good quality of life

Being diligent; Eager to learn;  Having lifelong learning skills and competencies arising from knowledge, skills, and aesthetics

Innovative Creator – IC

To acquire social well-being with security, prosperity, and sustainability

Having intellectual skills, 21st century skills, digital intelligence, creative thinking skills, cross-cultural skills, competencies on inter-disciplinary science integration, and entrepreneurial skills. and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Active Citizen – AC

To create tranquility

Loving the nation and community; Having the responsibility and consciousness of being a good Thai and world citizen; Developing a volunteer spirit and taking part in national development.

Thai Millennial – TM

Proud to be Thai

Loving the nation, religion, and monarchy; Holding onto the philosophy of sufficiency economy, and being grateful.