Our Mission

Wisdom, endurance, stability, and morality will result in happiness and success. Satit Kaset’s International Program provides students with innovative curriculums that inspire them to fulfill their academic and personal potential; to become ethical, caring global citizens who can communicate fluently in English; and to flourish in a Thai cultural environment.

– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daranee Utairatanakit
Satit Kaset IP Chairperson

Early Years




Real World Skills and Hands On Learning

Our curriculum involves lots of active learning opportunities where student get to practice, in real life, what they learn in the classroom. By applying their academic knowledge in creative ways our students prepare themselves for real life; not just exams. 

Achieving on the International Stage

Our students frequently come in top place in multiple international competitions ranging from Hong Kong to Singapore. Through these events students at Satit Kaset IP gain valuable knowledge and skills to achieve not only in Thailand but also abroad.

Building Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Satit Kaset’s International Program stresses teamwork and cooperation both in the classroom and during camp trips that begin in Grade 5. “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together,” is a motto that our students learn early from a young age. By learning how to cooperate and achieve more together our students are well prepared for the evolving workplace of the moder world.

Support to Help You Reach Your Dreams

Our school has many support structures in place for all of our students. With two homeroom teachers in every classroom their is always an instructor available to answer questions and provide extra assistance to any student. Their is also a full time counseling team and senior mentors who help students reach their next goal in life after they graduate.