The KUS IP Red Cross Youth Volunteer club is a club initiated by Satit Kaset IP as part of the Thai Red Cross Youth Bureau, Thai Red Cross Society. It encourages students to help out their communities and gives them opportunities to build leadership and community service skills.

These are some of their projects: 

“The Next Shoes” gives Satit Kaset IP students a chance to donate sandals for the villagers at the border of Trat, Thailand. 

“The Last Beauty” donates leftover makeups such as eyeshadows, blush on, foundations, lipsticks, tissue papers, and makeup brushes for corpse makeup.

 “Be Kind for the Blind” allows students to use speaking skills to create audiobooks, reading books or short articles from newspapers, magazines, or any interesting sources. 

“Give Gifts, Take Joy” gives Christmas presents to unprivileged children at the Compassion of Christ Mission Foundation, sharing happiness on Christmas day. 

To find out more, feel free to follow them on their FB page: KUS IP Redcross Youth Volunteer Club and IG: @redcrosskus_ip