On Saturday, October 21st, we held our first Model United Nations conference at Satit Kaset IP—SKIPMUN I. Students represented different countries in a simulation of the United Nations process of writing and debating resolutions in pursuit of solutions to global problems. SKIPMUN I was a student-led conference, with students taking the roles of chairs who ran the procedures in the three committees, and in the afternoon’s General Assembly. Students lobbied, collaborated, researched, and debated in efforts to reach compromise and consensus. The event was a great success. Twenty of the forty-six participants will be chosen to represent Satit Kaset IP at the ISB and THAIMUN XI conferences in March.

A big round of applause to our students who actively participated in the event.

We would also like to give credits to the IP social studies teachers who initiated the project and contributed to the success of this event—Ajarn Eric O’Meara, Ajarn Matthew King, Ajarn Christopher Seydel, including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pranee Potisook who supervises the IP social studies curriculum.

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