Numnueng Wattanakasemsakun (IP12, ม.6/8), together with two other students from Satit Kaset School, Sirapop Attapun (ม.4/4) and Nuttarat Wongmaneeroj (ม.6/2), were selected to present their research/senior project at the Annual Meeting of Asia & ASEAN Center for Educational Research with International Research Session. This meeting was hosted by Chiba University, Japan from Feb. 8th – Feb. 14th, 2021.

The students did an excellent job sharing their project results and were great representatives of the young generation of researchers. Well done!

– Numnueng Wattanakasemsakun – Garden from scraps
– Sirapop Attapun – The Making of probiotic drinks from Thai herbs
– Nuttarat Wongmaneeroj – The intelligent automatic robot for medicine reminding (B-GIN)