Our team of students from the Red Cross Youth Volunteer Club has had the chance to attend the International Red Cross Youth Hack Lab at the EGAT training center in Chachoengsao from the 29th of April to the 4th of May 2024.

During the 6 days, our students got the chance to meet other Red Cross youth volunteers from a variety of countries in Asia as well as youth representatives from Italy. They got the chance to network with their international and Thai peers as well as develop their project under the theme of helping their community. Furthermore, they got to develop skills in decision-making, time management, communication and collaboration, and project management as well as got the chance to do hands-on community service in a nearby community. During the pitching of the projects, one of our students’ team, Phewberty, was able to get into the final round and achieve the 2nd place reward for the pitch, receiving funding to develop their project further in their local community.

We would like to thank you Red Cross for their support and for arranging such an invaluable event for our students.

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